The Media Innovation Research Lab (MIRL) examines innovations, policies, and factors that impact the media industry.

We refer to Innovation as the production of new products, services, and ways of creating value. Our main focus with respect to innovation is on value creation and novelty creation. The MIRL communicates the scope of research done by research director Charles Davis, and his research associates.
Projects at the MIRL discusses various topics in media policy, media innovation, and media entrepreneurship.

Media Policy

Media policy is rapidly changing with major public support for media production in Canada. As a result, there are billions of dollars of support and tax incentives. In turn, a federal policy review committee lead by the minister will come out, over the next few years, with recommendations for policy changes. Research at the MIRL about Media Policy will discuss the connection between the government and the media industry, as well as issues pertaining to Canadian broadcasting, distribution, job creation, and media labour.

Media Innovation

Media innovation refers to the production of products, services and value. This includes the different dimensions of value and perceived value among users. Media innovators must know how to create media products or services that people want which will be successful. Research at the MIRL is exploring ways to measure satisfaction or enjoyment amongst audiences, and how to provide feedback to the media makers about what audiences like and dislike. Media innovation largely centres around strategy for product, methodology, and management.
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Media Entrepreneurship

Many self-employed and freelance workers in the creative industries are formally micro-entrepreneurs and bare all the risks of being a firm. However, since they don’t refer to themselves or behave as such, they do not get the rewards of being a firm. This includes growth, making a profit, and hiring people. This is due to the way students are educated in the creative industries. An understanding of innovation, design thinking, and entrepreneurship is crucial to success. Research at the MIRL looks at how media makers see themselves within the industry, and discusses issues related to employment.