Emilia Zboralska

Research Associate

Emilia Zboralska

Twitter: @EmiliaZboralska
Linkedin: Emilia Zboralska
Website: https://emiliajz.com/

Emilia Zboralska is a PhD Candidate (ABD), Instructor and SSHRC Doctoral Fellow at Ryerson University, and also a member of the Board of Directors, and President of the Independent Web Creators of Canada (IWCC). Using a novel approach that combines political economy with entrepreneurship studies, Emilia’s PhD research critically investigates the opportunities and challenges of online distribution for Canadian creators active in the production of digital-first, scripted series and makes strategic recommendations geared at creating an inclusive, equitable, innovative and sustainable digital-first sector, and empowering Canadian creators to succeed in the digital realm.

Emilia’s dissertation work combines multiple methodologies, including in-depth interviews with over 40 stakeholders, and an analysis of gender, race and age across 175 Canadian web series. In 2017, she was invited to be part of the Canadian Media Fund’s six-person expert jury to adjudicate submissions for the inaugural Web Series Pilot Program. Emilia is passionate about the potential of the web as a platform to tell diverse and meaningful Canadian stories to Canada and the world. She has also worn many media hats and has worked on productions for major Canadian broadcasters in a variety of roles and continues to be engaged in storytelling through her production company. Emilia is committed to ensuring her research has wider reach, and is actively engaged in contributing to media policy, and has shared her work in invited presentations to Canadian Heritage, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, and other public avenues. Emilia is also a frequent moderator, and panelist of events related to the digital-first sector, and the creative industries. She is also interested in the world of design-thinking, and has acted as a Facilitator on many occasions.

Projects & Publications

Research Projects

  • Telling Our Stories on the Web: Canadian English-Language Web Series and the Production of Culture Online
  • Policy Innovation Research Team
  • Improving Labour Policy for Highly Flexible Workforces: Focus on Canadian Screen Labour
  • Algorithmic Production of Culture Feasibility Study
  • Networks of Exclusion in the Ontario Media Industry
  • Service Innovation Through Design Thinking