Vanessa Ciccone

Research Associate

Vanessa Ciccone

Twitter: @VCiccone
Linkedin: Vanessa Ciccone

Through a feminist political economic lens, Ms. Ciccone is researching the reliability of gender and diversity assessments in film, and how policy and industry can better address stereotyped on-screen depictions. Ms. Ciccone previously had a career in corporate communications and public affairs. She has volunteered as an advisor at UN Women Canada, a crisis counsellor in Calgary and Edmonton, and continues to act as a strategist at PurifAid, a social enterprise targeting the water crisis in rural Bangladesh.

Projects & Publications


  • Zboralska, E., Davis, C.H., Shtern, J., & Ciccone, V. Cultural diversity reporting in the Canadian audiovisual industry: Making monitoring meaningful. Under Review.